India Pale Lager

Lager meets IPA in a winning combination.
Our Fathom India Pale Lager combines time-honored lagering techniques with the hop profiles of a West Coast IPA recipe. The cold-fermenting lager yeast provides a clean base that allows the citrus and pine aromas from the hops to really shine. The result is a gold medal beer with a refreshing, easy drinking character and just the right amount of depth.


Year-round in:
22oz. Bottles,
& Draft

Alc. By Vol.



70 IBUs

Food Pairings

Bauernwurst with Sauerkraut
Schnitzel and Spaetzle
Buffalo Wings

Despite using traditional Lager techniques (cold fermentation) and a traditional West Coast IPA recipe, this beer is far from “traditional”. The use of a clean fermenting Lager strain cuts out the fruity flavors traditionally added by using warm fermenting Ale yeast. This allows the hops a neutral base for the citrus and pine hop flavors and aromas to shine. We keep some inspiration from European lagers with a malt base that includes both Munich and Vienna malts. Ahtanum is used in large amounts for dry hopping.

  • World Beer Cup
    • 2010: Gold
  • Great American Beer Festival
    • 2010: Gold
  • Australian International Beer Awards
    • 2014: Silver
    • 2015: Bronze
  • Cervezas de America in Chile
    • 2014: Bronze
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